‘Color, etc.’ exhibition at Le Tripostal (FR)

Re-table(au), performative installation, Le Tripostal (FR) 2021

The exhibition Colors, etc. in Tripostal, Lille focuses on experiencing colors. It will tickle all our senses and visitors will be invited to explore, feel, feel, hear, colour through a series of immersive installations. Can you feel a colour, can you smell a colour, can you hear a colour … ? To these kind of questions you can find answer visiting the Colors, etc. exhibition.
Several artists and designers are invited to create an installation in situ, all focussed on different aspects of colour; light & colour, sound & colour, psyche & colour, …

A part of the exhibition is in collaboration with the Design Museum Gent. In the Kleureyck exhibition, the point of departure was the Jan van Eyck’s skilful use of colour, which is fully revealed in all its glory during the restoration of the Ghent Altarpiece. Using oil paint and transparent, coloured glazes, van Eyck was able to achieve an innovative variety of colour nuances, clarity and saturation in his paintings. His inspiring use of colour is the starting point for a selection of national and international designers. They all share an affinity with ‘colour’. At the Tripostal we will find several installations presented in Ghent, including more than 100 objects that make up the “Pigment Walk”. The visitor will be led to consider design in all its forms…and all its colours.

For this exhibition we continued with our work Re-table(au), which was previously exhibited at Design Museum Gent (BE). Re-table(au) was created in reference to Jan van Eyck’s altarpiece, Re-table(au) questions our relationship to food, inspired by the edible plants depicted in the painting. Looking at it with a contemporary perspective, the installation echoes this imaginary garden, symbolizing two aspects of our current food system; blurred seasonality and locality. Centralized around the tentacular relation between food, time and space, the piece activates the perpetual movement of food systems.

The work emphasizes on being a colourful sensorial ecosystem activating the relation between plant, landscape and the body. The work contains printed textiles, ceramics and preserved flavours that are all sourced from plants and represent contemporary tools for ceremonial rituals, feeding our eater imagination.